Ric Piper

Ric Piper
January 9, 2015

Ric Piper

Chairman/FD of knowledge businesses with a Game Change; Chairman, Turbo Power Systems; formerly interim Chairman at Matchtech plc

As its inaugural (non-Patent Attorney) Chairman, I worked with Malcolm when he was the CEO of HLBBshaw (now Avidity IP) from 2006 to 2010.

As CEO, Malcolm was instrumental in successfully setting the course of HLBBshaw, which when I was appointed was in the early stages of transformation from a partnership to a corporate culture.

Malcolm was pivotal in determining and delivering a set of Core Values (Energy, Personal Standards, Teamwork …with Leadership, Skill) which underpinned the firm’s approach, allowing a step change in employee engagement and operational performance.

It was clear to me from the start that the business’s professional product made it the GoTo Patent Attorney for our clients – big & small. Malcolm was a very big part of that. Not satisfied this was enough, Malcolm led initiatives to take service standards to the next level and new entrant training standards to what I think were Industry Best.

As a Master in managing and developing client relationships, Malcolm also led Business Development initiatives, a key part of the Board’s strategy to deliver shareholder value.

In my experience in the professional services area, the course on which Malcolm‘s firm set out is one of the biggest challenges in management today. In facing up to these challenges, Malcolm was a joy to work with – whatever the challenge, he seemed always up to meeting it.

In summary, Malcolm is an unusually capable individual with a level of can-do attitude equalling that of any CEO within my experience. It’s not an overall skills set one encounters every day.

January 9, 2015; Ric was Non-Executive Chairman of Malcolm’s company and managed Malcolm

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