Martyn Royce

Martyn Royce

Owner, Graphic Designers ltd

As a designer, I worked with Malcolm as the senior client contact on creative projects for over ten years. As part of the team Malcolm had assembled, we conceived and implemented a portfolio of modern IP services brands over this period. The biggest project by far was a complete corporate re-brand of the business rolled out in stages in 2011. As CEO, Malcolm took a leading role in this project through an in-depth process in which we were able together to create a new and highly innovative brand which was well ahead of its time – and regarded by some as avant-garde for the industry.

Such projects are always challenging, and it is only with the unusual kind of free-ranging collaboration which Malcolm brings to the table that truly innovative/creative ideas flourish and can be realized by a designer. Malcolm sees the bigger picture, possesses huge drive to achieve excellence, has the stamina and commitment to see it through and has a refreshingly intelligent, direct and visionary approach to business which I found inspiring. I hope our paths cross again.

February 5, 2015; Martyn’s company was retained as graphic designers to Malcolm’s former company and was Malcolm’s principle senior point of contact there

Martyn Royce, Owner, Graphic Designers ltd February 5, 2015

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