Christian Gordon-Pullar BSc MBA

Christian Gordon-Pullar BSc MBA

Assistant General Counsel, J P Morgan

I met Malcolm a few years ago when we both had an opportunity for Malcolm to present his IP practice to the brand management subsidiary of Standard Chartered, where I was then COO (and later, CEO). Standard Chartered had and still has a highly valuable portfolio of brands and considerable experience of IP professionals and their services. Malcolm does this sort of presentation very well, and I was impressed with the steps he was taking to implement his (clearly passionately held) beliefs on how IP services should be designed and delivered to clients. Malcolm later implemented what is nearly always the very risky step of rebranding his organization, following a well-defined process of internal brand selection, internal feedback and client feedback as well as implementing an independent feedback process through an external focus group of which I was a member. This was a very worthwhile approach, and one that is uniquely sophisticated for a professional services business unassisted by an outside branding services provider.

Combined with his professional IP skills and reputation, this additional skills set makes Malcolm is an unusual find in the IP services field. I would recommend his experience to anyone deeply involved with brand/IP protection, enforcement and commercial exploitation.

November 3, 2014; Christian was Chief Executive of the Brands Division of Standard Chartered when working with Malcolm [following this testimonial, Christian moved into a senior management position at Aon, the global professional services firm]

Christian Gordon-Pullar BSc MBA, Assistant General Counsel, J P Morgan November 3, 2014

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