Charles Grimes

Charles Grimes
November 30, 2015

Charles Grimes

Charles Grimes Limited; Management Consultant/Psychologist

I first worked with Malcolm when he was CEO of HLBBshaw (later Avidity). I’d been selected to design and run a Personal and Team Effectiveness programme throughout the organisation, starting with the top team and then later cascading downwards.

I find working with Malcolm refreshing. There is the boundless energy – he’s someone who has no intention of slowing down and still has LOTS to do – and he’s also someone who knows what he wants and is able to articulate it clearly.

But perhaps most important, from my perspective, is that as a leader he is unusually aware that business is largely about people and relationships – he’s fascinated by clients and colleagues…what makes them tick, what motivates them, how best to approach them. I’ve always thought he was as interested in the people side of things as in the “results” – a great quality in any leader.

November 30, 2015, Charles was a management consultant to Malcolm’s former company

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