Science & Technology

“Fantastic Voyage” of the Blood Clotter

More testing to do but an elegant step by University of British Columbia towards addressing life-threatening intraoperative or traumatic internal bleeding (also see Micro-particles of calcium carbonate mixed with solid acid generate carbon dioxide gas through contact with blood. The gas propels the particles in the bloodstream to the bleed site. With the particles […]

Lotus leaf-inspired feature helps drug dosage form stay in GI tract

Fascinating how the lotus leaf model has been applied in a number of fields – here, its remarkable hydrophobicity features in the sustained drug release field. One face of this group’s dosage form adheres to the gastrointestinal mucosa. The exposed face emulates the lotus leaf’s surface micro-/nano-structure, as well as being fluoropolymer-coated, to repel GI contents […]

Historical STI’s may explain humans transiting from polygyny to monogamy

As an adjunct to mainstream Darwinian evolutionary theory, this is a fascinating piece of work focusing on socially mediated, or at least socially sustained, evolution as early humans transitioned from hunter-gatherer to agriculturalist society.  The referenced 2015 Nature Communications paper ( fills some gaps although it’s a bit of a demanding read for the non-expert. […]

Liquid hydrocarbon fuel created from CO2 and water in breakthrough one-step process

Terrific piece of cutting edge chemistry from “oil country”, which looks beyond proof of concept to using solar-generated heat and full spectrum light to drive a single-step, clean, commercial process producing fuel-value hydrocarbons + oxygen from carbon dioxide + water. Key to the future commercial model of what they’re calling “reverse combustion” appears to be […]

Stretchable Hydrogel Electronics

The renaissance of materials science continues apace. Hydrogel is no stranger to the medical field. MIT’s multidisciplinary development marries a novel surface-bondinghydrogel matrix with electronics and on-demand drug delivery capabilities, producing a highly flexible smart wound dressing. Innovative stuff that must make life easier if passes inevitable further testing.​ Read The Story Here